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TRINITY (2010 BMKWC Group Champ)

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    The 2010 BMKWC Finals was a blast and we were very very lucky to win the Group category. The other entries were terrific and I will share with you guys later. Now, I will present to you, "TRINITY".

A collaboration between 5 fellow modelers with Leon as the "Director", Sam, Erik, Jaef and of course,  me, we started as soon as Shengtai announced BMKWC and introduced a Group category. Naturally, we were fired up. Leon wasted no time in gathering members and never looked back. 

As this is our first ever group build, we wanted something really special. But to me, it's like stepping into the unknown. I have no idea what to expect and how to co-ordinate. When he proposed three variations of the Sinanju, I was like,"Sinanju!? Not again...". The thought of my Sinanju FWS immediately came to my mind and I ask myself whether I can better this one (even though there are improvements to be made). I love a challenge and agreed to it. 

For our first proper discussion, the main agenda was creating variations of the Sinanju. We know that it is a risk to alter the design of the Sinanju as many people deem that its design and shape is "unbreakable" and I can understand that very well. While we are not necessarily trying to prove a point, we could at least try to change mindsets along the way. Nothing is impossible after all.  

Now, three Sinanjus with three different but complementary colours.  Each will have its own characteristics, weapons etc. We had the idea that these three will be formidable "monsters" and Dragons came to our minds naturally. In the end, we named the three as Niddhog (purple), Tiamat (green) and Bahamut (orange), "Trinity". No prize for guessing whose doing orange :)  

"Niddhog" created by Leon Ku  
- MSN-06N Sinanju conversion 
- Close combat variation  

Leon wanted a Sinanju that is "highly charged" and wanted a "knight" version, complete with a shield and a beam lance. And he chose purple as this colour symbolize Good Judgement and Royalty (hmm.. judge who?).   
Tiamat created by Jaef Liang 
- MSN-06T Sinanju conversion 
- Long range/ artillery type variation 

For Jaef, if you guys ever wondered, he was the one who created THIS.For a long range attacker, a BFG is a must.  And naturally, he wanted it green since because it is his favourite colour? LOL 
Bahamut created by Toymaker 
- MSN-06B Sinanju conversion 
- High mobility variation 

As for me, when I was told to do the high mobility type, I immediately think of wings. And on top of that, a fast attacker will strike fear in opponents, so I want a really menacing look. Something like the Epyon Gundam in the Wing series. I chose orange for this kit. I was thinking since it is so fast, might as well paint it like a Lamborghini LOL.

Erik is our in house electrician and in charge of the base. He installed the LEDs and programmed them to switch color.

Sam is our QC inspector. He dealt with logistic aspect of the project and was also involved in painting the kits.

While we want to differentiate the three kits from each other, we want to see consistency too. We decided that the emblems will stay since it is the common marking. We also custom made decals for the Trinity team as well as individual markings. 

With the main issues solved, the base was our next obstacle. The maximum dimension allowed was 50cm wide, 50cm high and 38cm for depth. It may seem huge but if you put three Sinanjus will fully maximize the space. Leon wanted something really eye-catching and proposed adding LEDs to the base. We brainstormed and settled for a mechanical base with lighting underneath. It sounded kinda weird to us initially, lighted up base? In the end, it exceeded all our expectations.

   During development stage

Of course, not everything went smoothly, we had problems with colours and other issues but managed to resolve them. Just to get everyone down in one place is a tall order. It is harder to coordinate as a team compared to an individual. But the satisfaction I get when things get done as a team is immensely gratifying.

And a special thanks to Benjamin / Izzakku for his expert advice on presentation and posing. He was with us all the way and we had a great time together!

    Waylander came up with a storyline for the whole piece, and you can read it HERE.


MSN-06N Niddhog

MSN-06T Tiamat

MSN-06B Bahamut


Lighting Base - Manufactured in Singapore! 

Well you can imagine our relief when this was finished. I will take this opportunity to salute both Leon and Jaef who submitted their individual entries and still compete in the group category. All I can say we thoroughly enjoyed the process and working together helps us understand each other better and our friendship becomes even stronger! That to me, is the true purpose of a group build.... 

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