Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sinanju FWS (Full Weapons System)

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    When I set out to do this, I foresaw two challenges:-
1. In terms of proportion, design and shape, this MG is "Perfect" in a sense. Any additional modifications and detailing seem redundant. The shape of the armors make it difficult to add pla-plates and panel lines. 

2. I had to fight against the general perception of a glossy Sinanju. With the amount of detailing and lines I am adding, it would be more prudent for me to do a flat coat. I believe that "Glossy" will be pretty distracting if I want the audience to see my modifications.

    With these two in mind, I did some research and was trying to do something refreshing for this MG. I was looking at the back pack and realized that two "wings" seemed bare. So I tried grafting another set of them right below and it look pretty ok to me. Next, I wanted to give it a heavy arms feel. So I added another shield, two sets of the gating guns and one set of the bazooka. I have also decided retain the set of beam rifles to be mounted on the back-pack. 

I break up the shoulder armor to three parts and extended them. I did quite a fair bit of modifications but did not take more photos on them. Sorry about that. Anyway, I can keep on blabbing about what I did, but I think you guys prefer to see pictures. Here you go.... 

For WIPs, check HERE.

I separated the armor at the sides to give it a more complex look.

Sinanju - Four winged...

Metal thrusters were used here. All eight of them.... 

Split the armors to reveal internal. 

I mounted the two beam rifles to the rear.

The shields and guns are actually quite heavy. But I was surprised the Sinanju is able to hold them in place. Bandai really did a good job on the joints. 

Next the diorama, well I know I had to try this after last year's winner the Unicorn. I gave the BAKUC champion a call and told him I am "borrowing" your idea..... hehehe. 

For the groundwork, I used the MG Zeta base, some Kotobukiya bases, cut and trim them and then lay them out. The rock structure is made from wall putty.

Overall, I enjoyed this build very much. The decals were a pain. it took me days just to decal. But I felt extremely satisfied once this is done. For those of you who wants to try this, go get the water slide decals, dry transfers is literally HELL!!!

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