Monday, April 23, 2012

GUNDAM AMPHION [Launcher Strike]


    I've finally got this in the bag! My entry for the Hobby Art Gallery Age-1 Group Build is completed woot :P. I'm satisfied with how the colours turned out. This build has certainly given me some insights into how to play around with pastel colours. So without further ado folks, less talk more pics. Here we go....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Age-1 mega size [weathered]

 Posted by WAYLANDER

    Aaaand it's a wrap guys! I've completed every part in the 1/48 mega size Age-1. Finally! My first full gunpla build for 2012. Whew! This baby was a monster to paint, even OOB, cos of the sheer amount of surface area. This was just a pet project and leisure build to get me into the groove of the Age series. I must say the Age 1 truly grows on you, much like the RX. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012


    This isn't done by us, but it's worth a share for the sheer detail for a 1/100 kit. Enjoy! For more info and pics, check out Waylander.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



    This is actually my first time attempting some serious weathering. And yup, as you can tell from the seemingly large hand guards here, this is my 1/48 Age Gundam. I'm still a long way from completion though, although I've gotten over painting, panel lining and decaling for the hardest parts - the whites! LOL. Now I'm experimenting with some weathering techniques on the finished white bits first.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


One of the two Dual Model Kit (DMK) released by Takara Tomy. Bumblebee is relatively small compared to DMK Optimus Prime. But since the parts are small, hand painting is required. 

Posted By Altezen 

Destroy Gundam

One of my toughest work todate.At the scale 1/144, this piece stands about 50 cm with it rear cannons and a 1/60 Impulse Gundam was used as the base kit for the conversion. Involving heavy modifications and scratch-building, took me three months to complete. In all, 50 boxes of Epoxy Putty were used. I had to order directly from the supplier since no shop carried that much stock. 

The toughest part would be the backpack since it has curved surfaces and symmetrically challenging. Can this transform to Attack Mode? The answer is "yes". 

Posted by Altezen