Sunday, April 8, 2012

Age-1 mega size [weathered]

 Posted by WAYLANDER

    Aaaand it's a wrap guys! I've completed every part in the 1/48 mega size Age-1. Finally! My first full gunpla build for 2012. Whew! This baby was a monster to paint, even OOB, cos of the sheer amount of surface area. This was just a pet project and leisure build to get me into the groove of the Age series. I must say the Age 1 truly grows on you, much like the RX. 

    I wanted to experiment with realism here, and hence the weathering and rust. It's my first time attempting the technique, so hopefully, I'll improve. Three weathering techniques used - Dry-brushing edges with silver, adding 'paint chips' with a fine point brush with black paint, and finally a dusty rub-down with a Tamiya weathering kit. 

Weapons and shield completed a day later!

    I decided to give the beam sabres a coat of neon red on silver. I don't know why they turned out pink though, but I guess that's actually the correct colour so it worked out. LOL. Misted on a bit of white at the base to give it the illusion of glowing heat:

For more pics, check out HERE.


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