We are airbrush-wielding, paint-inhaling, plastic-hoarding maniacs from the tiny island of Singapore, who run the rat race just like you do. But once every so often, when inspiration strikes and creativity beckons, we become....POISON MONKEYS!!! Okay seriously, we're just a bunch of dudes who are passionate about scale-modelling and toys, and would like to share our craze. Oh, and once in a while, we actually think we can make your toy or garage kit come to life. Got something you want to customise? Commission us for it and we'll get crackin'. Email us at

    Poison Monkeys comprises a bunch of award-winning scale-modellers that hang out at Hobby Art Gallery. This blog is a brainchild of two main members - TOYMAKER and WAYLANDER. Check out their personal blogs for more material. You'll be glad you did.