Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ODIN (The O custom)

Posted by TOYMAKER

    OK. This ain't finished. That's the bottom line. I still have tons of decals to add and I have not even finish the BFG and base. But nevertheless, I will post some pictures of it since Mr Donc has already done up his. THe purpose of this build is to give the O an overhaul. I guess by now you guys have seen enough of those monstrous versions. So I have decided on the onset to do a "slim" version of the O. Of course there are not a single reference I can find out there. I tried several designs but could not find a suitable frame for it. 

    And it so happened that I was fiddling with a PG Strike that I realized that its frame suits my idea perfectly! Well, by then it's already mid September and I have not enough time to work on something so massive. 
Well of course, this build was done in as a FACE-OFF with DC23. He has done a really impressive interpretation of the O complete with a nice diorama. Without further delay, I present to you my unfinished Master The O. Please forgive me for not completing this in time. I will finish a maintenance structure and post more WIPs soon. 

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