Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MG Epyon (OOB)


    Nothing much to say about this baby since it's an OOB job done for a store display. The highlight was having to complete it in four days. Yes, FOUR days!!! I think I struck off five years of my life span just from this build. Lol. It's definitely one of my most rushed jobs ever.

I went with Magenta from the Gaia colour series, and normal purple for the lighter parts such as the thighs. For the Magenta bits, I applied a black base coat first, then shaded the centre areas of each piece with white, to give it a gradual toning effect. Then uniform magenta all over. The colour's actually more muted in real life, but somehow, perhaps due to lighting, everything just jumps out at you and appears pink in the photographs!

The tricky parts were the dry decals. A nightmare!!! Or perhaps I'm just not used to dry transfers. As you can see, the curved armour bits on the legs posed a challenge for dry transfer type decals. One wrong move and you'll ruin the damn thing....I felt like a surgeon applying those. Whew! Gimme waterslide decals anytime man!

The wings were the biggest pieces to paint. I'm not very impressed by the wing design of this kit. It could be more complex and organically shaped but that's where mods come in!

The grey parts were done using a mix of neutral grey and navy blue from Gaia colours. After application of the dry decals, I gloss coated the entire thing just to seal in those pesky transfers. The gloss coat darkens most of the colours a bit, so be careful when using gloss. Ah yes, and that whip...I've seen the anime where the whole thing lights up once it's super-charged, so I thought why not give it a glowing, blazing look to match the bright colour scheme?

Quite happy with how the whole thing turned out, although I think the heat whip could be even brighter! The beam sword is the original clear green colour, unpainted. And now, some messing around with photoshop! Enjoy... :P

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