Thursday, March 22, 2012

Megatron & Ravage

Inner chest is painted in gold to give it the "glow" effect.

    When Leon first showed this to me for the first time, I told myself this could not have been a toy! I thought this Megatron looked actually like the one in the movie. The metallic colour is dead on, very suitable for this Transformer.

Small parts are painstakingly hand painted.

Do I see shading on the metallic surface? I have seen a lot of metallic model; but I thought shading and metal colours do not go together. Or maybe I'm wrong? Looks pretty naturally here. The base is another nice touch, simple but effective.


Ahhhh, our house kitten.
I believe the spikes have been removed. The original spikes were too "unsightly" so I heard.Anyway he replaced it with some metal components.

And finally... the combiner, Megatron & Ravage. The original arm of Megatrom looks "chewed off" to me. Now it look complete.


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