Wednesday, March 21, 2012

FAZZ (Commissioned Work)

Posted by Toymaker

  I finally completed this. It took me quite awhile because I have been trying a few colour schemes and was undecided on the best one. Eventually I went for something refreshing for this classic MS.

When I was commissioned to do this one, the immediate challenge to me was how to make a bulky looking mecha look streamline? I brainstormed for awhile and singled out the key areas to work:-
  • Colour scheme - to concentrate more on the grey tones than the whites. 
  • Reducing the armor without sacrificing the "look" of the FAZZ.  
  • Breaking the general shape of the armors to create depth and complexity. 
For detailing, this would be one of my favorite MS as there are so much area for me to work on! The process was pretty fun! 

So after numerous failed colour scheme testings, I think I have achieved what my objectives. I sure hope my customer will not mind a "different" FAZZ.  I have chosen red over blue as the base colour of my whites has a hint of reddish-brown to it. I also used Hull Red for panel lines which is a first for me. And with the three different grey tones I used, all colours actually blend in nicely.

The placement of the pla-plate on the chest has to be planned carefully. The positioning actually help in "slimming"  the body.

I painted the head white instead of the stock grey - some instinct I guess.

I tried to break up the armor to give me extra length and complexity.

Air vents are cut out individually.
And as usual, my mass produced circular base.

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