Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MG Qubeley [Evolved Type]

    Till now, I am still stumped at how I manged to pull this one off. During construction, I could not visualise the final product, compared to my previous works. It was like walking blindfolded. It was why I derived greater satisfaction when I did manged to complete it. This kit actually push my modification skills further and there is no doubt, I gained a lot of experience and new techniques. However, personally I felt that I still can push the boundaries and I see this kit as a "stepping stone".

    This was my entry for BAKUC 2008 Singapore, MG Qubeley Evolved type. A few months ago, a friend suggested to me this kit. I was not really keen to do it, as this kit is not very appealing and can be considered "ugly". I thought about it and decided to take up this challenge, to give this model a "revamp". It was pretty hard in the beginning, I am stuck several times on the conceptual stages and the schedule was held back. I did finish it in time although I was hoping for more time as always.

    For more details and WIPs, check HERE.

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