Tuesday, March 27, 2012



    This is actually my first time attempting some serious weathering. And yup, as you can tell from the seemingly large hand guards here, this is my 1/48 Age Gundam. I'm still a long way from completion though, although I've gotten over painting, panel lining and decaling for the hardest parts - the whites! LOL. Now I'm experimenting with some weathering techniques on the finished white bits first.

    As you can see, I got so fascinated with weathering I overdid it a tad. Will probably have to wipe it down. In fact, is the Age's design even suited for weathering, you're probably asking? Well probably not as ideal as the RX, but what the heck eh? Since this is a pet project and no one's gonna own it but me, I might as well give it a go and pick up some new skills while I'm at it.  True, the Age is more of a space MS, and if you remember your chemistry and physics in school, there is no such thing as rust or soot in space. But as we saw in the series, the Age was also used in ground combat, so I don't see why a little weathering to give it some realism, would hurt. Weather away!

    The scale of these bits are not properly observable here. But seriously folks, if you're thinking of taking on a 1/48, prepare for a looooong night. LOL. Cos while it doesn't have as many complex parts as the MG or PG kits, the parts are HUGE. Which means more surface area to cover.

    The waterslide decals for this kit aren't out yet, so I figured using MG Unicorn decals (a staple for almost every kit I do), would suffice. You gotta get used to the difference in scales though. A 1/100 decal is tiny on a 1/48 kit, so some strategic placement and spreading is required...

    There are vents on all the limbs of the Age. These things will see some watermarks and weathering for sure.

    This is what's left, minus the the internal frame, which is not very internal since there really isn't any skeleton for a simple blown up kit like this. Looks very little doesn't it? Well it's not. LOL. These bits as I've said, are HUGE. One part is equal to four or five MG bits. I fly for Perth on a work trip in three days' time, and I'm hoping to at least complete the head and limbs for the Age. Stay tuned!!

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