Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MS-18E Kampfer [Kanji] Custom

Posted by TOYMAKER

    This kit took me about two months to finish on the average of three hours per day. Overall the whole experience was pretty enjoyable except for one problem, the quality of the plastic for this kit. Throughout the entire process, several parts cracked and broke on me and that left me with little choice but to buy another replacement. The plastic is very brittle and have to be handle with care.    My initial concept was to have a rifle together with a sword but ultimately I went with just the sword as I find it odd to whole both weapons at the same time. The right colour scheme has eluded me for quite some time too.I contemplated using orange, red , purple etc etc. But in the end, settled for a camo scheme with different tones of greys and white. I foresaw masking hell which did turn out as expected....MASKING HELL.... I concentrated more on achieving the right colours and also on the various metallic parts I was painting.
In fact I have no idea how it will turn out. And lucky for me, the final product was good. I did encountered some extensive frosting when I apply a flat coat and wasting a good one hour trying to fix the problem....

I really like that cleaver!!!

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